Top 10 Plug Plants

Today, I am going to talk about my favorite top 10 plug plants.  For those who are unfamiliar with plug plants, they are simply young plants that are grown in singular units in trays.  Plug plants have already been grown from seed or from cuttings, and are ready for planting.  Think of a plug plant as one that is halfway between seedling and grown.

Why use plug plants?

As mentioned before, plug plants have already been raised from seed and are ready for planting.  This makes them super easy to plug them into spots in your garden that may be bare.  Since the early stages of plant development can be some of the most difficult, this also lets beginners bypass these stages as well.  Lastly, since they aren’t fully developed, plug plants tend to be less expensive as well.

So without further ado, let me reveal my favorite plug plants!

10 – Fuchsia

Top 10 Plug Plants - Fuschia

To start this list off, if there ever was a plant suited as a plug plant for hanging baskets, it’s fuchsia.   Often times, if growing fuchsia from a cutting, you will have to over winter it and ensure its cared for.  Buying a plug of Fuchsia alleviates this beginning step.  Fuchsia has to be one of my absolute favorites for hanging baskets, and luckily you can plant a plug directly into a basket without too much fuss.  After established they are easy to grow and quite a stunning addition to any garden.

9 – Petunia

Top 10 Plug Plants - Petunia

Petunias are another common plug plant since they can be tricky to germinate from seed.  Also seeing as they can be planted in containers, flower beds,  and hanging baskets, they tend to be versatile little plants.  Now days you can find them in any number of amazing colors and patterns.  I even found a black one before! Regardless, you can use these little guys to definitely fill in any space, and you can find about any color you could ever need.

8 – Lavender

Top 10 Plug Plants - Lavender

In a previous post, I discussed how to grow lavender. Using plugs of lavender is another easy way to get started.  Using plugs is also a way of buying lavender in larger quantities that you could use to make hedges of lavender.  Lavender’s flowers are always a welcome addition to any landscaping project, and are among some of my favorite plants in general due to their various uses in arrangements and teas.

7 – Begonias

Top 10 Plug Plants - Begonia

Begonias are both tricky to grow from seed and expensive to buy in bulk for large areas.  Just as with many of the other plants on this list, they are well suited for flower beds, containers, and baskets.  Many times when you go to garden centers you will only see the traditional colors of pink, white, and reds.  However, at many specialty nurseries, you can find a rainbow of colors to choose from.  Some of my favorites are the apricot colored begonias.  I just love those warm orangey colors.

6 – Carnations

Top 10 Plug Plants - Carnation

Carnations, also known as Dianthus, are known for being slow to raise from seed. Buying them as a plug plant certainly speeds up the process. Carnations are perennials for the most part and will come back year after year. Also, they make beautiful arrangements and really stand out in any flower bed.

5 – Marigold

Top 10 Plug Plants - Marigold

Marigold is super easy to take care of.  The bright blooms of this flower are certainly to brighten any location you may plant them.  Since this plant flowers into summer and often times in to fall, it is no wonder why it’s so popular.  It’s also no secret that these plants are an incredibly useful companion plant.  They are known to help repel nematodes and are said to even repel some insects.

4 – Primrose

Top 10 Plug Plants - Primrose

Primrose are popular spring flowers, and are also easy to grow. These are also slow growers from seed, and require quite a bit of care through summer. Like many of the other plants, using a plug of primrose bypasses these difficult stages. Primrose come in a wide variety of colors, and are a wonderful plant to use as a plug.

3 – Impatiens

Top 10 Plug Plants - Impatiens

Impatiens are one of the most popular flowers for gardening in the continental US and it’s certainly easy to see why.  They can thrive well in shade to partial sun, can be used in containers, beds, or baskets, and have visually appealing flowers.  Impatiens are another slow growing flower, and often are expensive if you buy in quantity.  Thus is a perfect fit to buy as a plug plant.

2 – Lobelia 

Top 10 Plug Plants - Lobelia

I love the look of different color Lobelia plants together in a basket.  These are another really slow grower, and are perfect as a plug. The little flowers grow to create dense quilts of color and make great fillers as well. Since they flower all summer, they are one of my favorite plants.  Plus, I just love blue and purple flowers.

1 – Cosmos

Top 10 Plug Plants - Cosmos

Cosmos are small and hardy.  These are actually easy to grow from seed, however they are slow to start and often don’t transplant well.  Thus making a beautiful plug plant.  I love the simplicity of these little flowers.  There are many forms and variants as well.  Cosmos also tend to bloom until the last frost.  These may be an annual, but they sure do make an impression while they’re around.

Wrap Up

All of the plants on this list have criteria that can make them difficult to grow from seed.  And buying them as plugs is an easy way to add them to your gardens at a cheaper price.  So what did you think of my list?  Are there any flowering plug plants that I missed?  What are some that you enjoy?  

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